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Trois Mec Food Review | Culinary Concierge

I Won the Culinary Lottery!

I really won the Culinary Lottery! On a recent trip to Los Angeles, I managed to secure a table at Trois Mec. Trois Mec means “three guys”, which is French slang for three friends. These are not just any friends; but three of the hottest chefs in LA who are so creative, innovative and imaginative that it’s a little like ending up for dinner in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. Your chefs and hosts at Trois Mec are Ludo Lefebvre, Jon … [Read More...]

Breakfast TV Travelocity Top 10 Travel Trend Watch Report | Culinary Concierge

Travelocity Culinary Travel Trend Report

Where should you go for your next vacation? I’m a firm believer in letting your inner foodie guide you in such matters, and a survey shows that 75% of Canadians agree with me, putting food near the top of the list when planning their holidays. So that’s settled – follow your stomach! The next question is obvious: What’s hot in the food world right now, and where can you get it? To help you discover the answer, I’ve teamed up … [Read More...]

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