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Forbes – Top 10 Food and Restaurant Trends of 2016

It’s that time of year ~ the food industry is talking about new tastes & trends.   At Culinary Concierge, we give you a better understanding of the marketplace & the trends in the food world ~ in order for you to develop & sustain a competitive edge. As a leading Global Culinary Trendologist, Christine Couvelier goes beyond borders & gets up close and personal with the food industry.   Let’s talk about your vision of … [Read More...]

The media has been buzzing with food trends & tastes for 2016 !!

As each year draws to a close, I hear from many journalists as they are all wanting to write about the new tastes & trends for the upcoming year. Wow, was there ever a buzz around food trends this year ! So, what will I be watching for ~ will it be another year of craft pickling, or birch syrup, or kimchee or .......? Here are the links to a few of the stories that highlight the tastes in my culinary crystal ball for 2016. Let me … [Read More...]

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