Hot Off The Plate

Tomato Cookbook Inspiration

Garden Candy

What food memories do you have of summer ? Corn, peaches, fresh peas, strawberries; all wonderful, but what about fresh tomatoes?! Nothing beats the adventure of growing your own tomatoes, picking just the ripe-ready & juicy tomatoe, slicing into it ( while it is still warm from the sunshine ) .. Making a fabulous caprese salad with bocconcini that is oozing with goodness, topping it with fresh basil, a drizzle of glistening olive oil … [Read More...]


Worth the Flight to Toronto

Rasa -- Toronto, Ontario You often hear of lists of restaurants that are "worth the flight". Well, this is at the top of my list. Rasa in Toronto is brought to you by The Food Dudes.  Plan a trip to Toronto now. Here is a photo journey of the incredible meal that the wonderful Chef John and Chef Davin prepared for me recently. Welcoming + Creative + Fabulous Cocktails + Incredible Tastes + Great Presentation = … [Read More...]

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