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As a leading Global Culinary Trendologist, I go beyond the borders and get up close and personal with the food industry. You can find me touring food shows around the globe, presenting my Trend Watch Report at industry conferences, exploring greenmarkets along with gourmet & grocery stores and cooking and tasting with chefs in fabulous restaurants everywhere. I share my findings with my clients and help to inspire, guide and create on-trend, … [Read More...]

Forbes – Top 10 Food and Restaurant Trends of 2016

It’s that time of year ~ the food industry is talking about new tastes & trends.   At Culinary Concierge, we give you a better understanding of the marketplace & the trends in the food world ~ in order for you to develop & sustain a competitive edge. As a leading Global Culinary Trendologist, Christine Couvelier goes beyond borders & gets up close and personal with the food industry.   Let’s talk about your vision of … [Read More...]

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