What’s hot in the food world right now, and where can you get it?

To help you discover the answer, I’ve teamed up with Travelocity.ca to create the First Annual Travelocity.ca Culinary Travel Trend Watch Report. It highlights 10 mouth-watering food trends happening around the world, from sustainable seafood in Vancouver and craft cocktails in New Orleans, to foraged food tapas in San Sebastien, Spain.

Read the report and you’ll have to fight the urge to start booking tickets right away!

Discover your foodie type and win

Not only does the Travelocity.ca Culinary Travel Trend Report list 10 great destinations to indulge your taste buds in truly amazing culinary adventures, there’s also an online Foodie Profile Quiz running alongside it that helps you learn what kind of foodie you are.

The Travelocity Gnome about town with Christine Couvelier

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