Innovate to Succeed


So what exactly is innovation and what does it mean to the food world? A simply dictionary definition might read: “Innovation is a new idea, more effective device or process that meets new requirements.”

Christine Couvelier is Passionate About Food !

As an Executive Chef, a Global Culinary Trendologist and Culinary Executive for over 30 years, Christine has worked with some of the world’s leading food companies, innovative brands, award-winning food products and restaurateurs.

Some effective tools that Culinary Concierge uses to provide clients with culinary solutions includes:

  • Be Externally Focused
  • Culinary Creativity & Strategic Marketing
  • Planning Successful Long Term Innovation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Taste, Taste, Taste

Christine’s experience, enthusiasm and pursuit of food, drinks and tastes that will attract tomorrow’s consumers is your key to improving your tastes, sales and profits.

Taste! Taste! Taste!