Speaking Engagements


Looking for the perfect speaker for your next culinary team meeting or food industry event? With over 30 years of experience in the food industry, Christine Couvelier will create an exciting presentation where her absolute passion for and love of food comes shining through.

Whether you’re looking for a quick intro piece or a tailor-made presentation that applies specifically to your company or unique product line-up, Christine is happy to share her insight and expertise in the food industry. Take Christine’s Trend Watch Report for example – she uses her skills as a culinary trendologist to take an in-depth look at all of the exciting new tastes and trends in the food world, and she will share insights of what products will be emerging, developing, existing, and of importance to your team, your product category, menu, company, or event participants in the near future.

Interested in having Christine for your next event or engagement? Here are just a few of the ways she’s presented in the past:

Engage and inspire your culinary students

When speaking at culinary colleges, Christine enjoys engaging culinary students with her own journey and experiences. She offers up inside knowledge and an overall perception of the industry that will inspire and open doors for the next generation of culinary professionals.

Add some expertise to your next food show

Food Shows are always a source of inspiration.  Christine uses her experience as executive chef, culinary executive, and culinary trendologist to provide a unique perspective to both attendees and exhibitors.  She will share her insights about new tastes and trends, her view of the state of gourmet and grocery store shelves and her creative ideas for brand strategies.

Inspire creativity at ideation sessions

The latest food products won’t hit the shelves for quite some time, but Christine already has her finger on the pulse of upcoming trends in the food industry. To inspire your staff at ideation sessions or provide your company with an accurate update on the food industry, Christine will share her Trend Watch Report and allow you a peek into her ‘culinary crystal ball.’ It will give you and your team the inside track on the vital difference between a food fad and what will be trending in the near future.

Christine is an engaging, experienced speaker who can bring a unique industry perspective, inside knowledge, and fun to any event. For speaking engagements please call +1.250.589.5845 or email taste@culinaryconcierge.ca.