Product Spokesperson

Product Spokesperson | Christine Couvelier of Culinary Concierge

With thousands of products released onto store shelves every year, you really need to work to ensure your food product is the one a consumer picks up and takes home with them. Whether you’re looking to market a brand new food, an exciting line extension, or you’d like to breathe life into an established product line-up, you need a secret weapon in your corner. That secret weapon is Christine Couvelier.

As an experienced product spokesperson, Christine will share her passion and love of food with tips and tricks picked up during her 30 years in the food industry. She’s well known for her mantra, ‘Taste, Taste, Taste!” and she can educate and inspire consumers to create fabulous dishes with your products in their own kitchens.

Christine’s rock solid reputation in the food industry has made her a welcomed and recognized guest on major food shows across the country. She has appeared on numerous national and regional TV news programs & lifestyle shows across Canada.  North American & International food journalists turn to Christine for her opinions and insights on food trends, experiences at food shows, or a taste of her latest culinary creation, and they trust her taste buds, her ‘culinary crystal ball’, and her ability to actively engage readers and viewers.

With thousands of exciting food demos under her belt and experience as an executive chef, culinary executive, and culinary trendologist, Christine knows how to showcase a food product in the media. It doesn’t matter if it’s a TV program, radio spot, or print in both magazines and newspapers – her absolute passion for and love of food comes through to everyone who tunes in.

You worked hard to get your product to store shelves, now make sure those tantalizing tastes will come to life in any interview by choosing Christine to be your product spokesperson.

Christine can put an amazing combination of expertise and enthusiasm behind your product. For more information on how Christine can benefit you as a product spokesperson, please call +1.250.589.5845 or email