Food Trending + Ideation

Trend Watch Report 2015 | Culinary Concierge and TravelocityProud to be known as a global culinary “trendoligist,” Culinary Concierge’s Christine Couvelier travels the globe to meet, taste and cook with the world’s finest chefs and to speak to industry experts at the very best markets, specialty food stores and global culinary events.

With her “culinary crystal ball” and extensive background in developing innovative food products, culinary strategies, menus and more, clients large and small rely on Christine to help them interpret global trends, then use the information to create strategic development plans and award-winning products and services.

As part of her consultation service, Christine offers customized Trend Watch Reports, which contain valuable, up-to-the-minute research information that can help clients tap into the future wants and needs of their consumers.

How Do I Get My Trend Watch Report at 25% Off?

Contact Christine at 250-589-5845 or email to receive your Trend Watch Report at a Limited Time Special of 25% off.