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Create a Buzz with Innovative Food Products

Whether you are a grocery chain, a food and beverage franchise, a brand name manufacturer, a foodservice provider or any other business operating in the food industry, Culinary Concierge can help you develop effective strategic plans and award-winning products and services that will help build your brand and take your company to new heights.

From “trend watch” and ideation sessions to product development, expert sensory evaluation, recipe generation and marketing, Culinary Concierge’s “gold-standard” expertise can help you create a buzz across your local market and beyond.

Owned and operated by Christine Couvelier, a world-renowned executive chef and food consultant, Culinary Concierge specializes in:

To learn more about Christine Couvelier, including how the global trendoligist’s PASSION for food and the food industry can make a difference in your business, click here or call +1-250-589-5845.