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Hale Food Partners with Culinary Concierge
Recently, I was thrilled to be asked to become part of a new group of food industry professionals at Hale Food.

John Hale has pulled together a team of the best development and innovation people in the industry — think of all the great projects, food products & new menu items that will be created!

I sat down with John for an interview, so you could get to know more about Hale Food.

Hi John … I am so pleased to discuss Hale Food with you.

What made you want to start Hale Food?
I have worked for big blue chip companies for over 30 years now and I wanted to give something back, particularly to the little guy. I have had lots of experience in sensory, product development and factories and I wanted to share that with more than just one company.

Tell me a bit about your culinary journey?
started my culinary journey in my childhood. I was always cooking and working in the kitchen at home in Yorkshire, England and really enjoyed making comfort food for the pleasure of others. The same thing applies to me today. Making products that people love means everything to me.

How did you choose the team members?
he easiest part of starting Hale Food was picking the team members to be with me. Their backgrounds, experience and professionalism speaks for itself. They are all talented in their own areas and bring such an array of expertise I would have been foolish to be without them. Someone always knows the answer …… and it’s not always me.

What makes your heart sing? & what kind of projects do you love to be involved with?
What makes my heart sing is when you see people in a grocery store picking up your product and placing it in their basket. For them to be using something that you have worked on creating is the pinnacle for me. I love to be involved in all types of projects but particularly ones that are difficult to solve. The feeling when a team comes together to solve something that has complexity and succeeds is one of the best feelings in the world.

Who are your potential clients?
I would not discount anyone from being one of our clients. We tailor to all prices and needs. The little companies who need a little more help are in some ways more appealing to me because they are so pleased when you help them solve an issue. It’s not all about money, it’s about doing the right things and doing them well.

What is your favourite food?
My favourite food is fish …. plain white fish, steamed or baked, wonderful delicate flavours and soft succulent textures…… perfect.

What is your favourite drink?
My favourite drink would have to be tea …. nice and strong with a dash of milk, no sugar ….. wonderfully refreshing with just a little bite.

What is a favourite & tasty food memory?
Smell evokes memory and the smell that evokes the best and tastiest memory for me is of the seaside. It is the same in Victoria as it is in England and it is really difficult to describe but there is a slightly damp ozone aroma that brings me back to catching and eating shrimp and crab in both places.

Where do you like to travel to find culinary inspiration?
I have been very lucky in being able to travel the world for work. I have really enjoyed the culinary experience in San Francisco where the food is wonderful, Vancouver Island where you could not get fresher seafood, Boston & Massachusetts as a whole, the flavours seems so different there and in Europe I really enjoyed the rustic hearty flavours that Hungary had to offer. There are so many delights that you could fill a book with them.

Thanks John — I so look forward to sharing my passion for food, experience & enthusiasm with all of the team at Hale Food.

Taste! Taste! Taste!

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