Jerusalem – A Cookbook

Jerusalem - A Cookbook
Jerusalem – A Cookbook
As you know, I love food !!

Yesterday was no exception. It was a day filled with tastes. I had a wonderful friend in the food business drop by my kitchens to cook through a new cookbook with me. Yes, it is how we get inspiration, how we fill our palate with wonderful new tastes and treats.

Being a Culinary Trendologist, means I am open to new tastes. As I search for new food trends to present to my clients in my Trend Watch Reports,  I am always looking at what new cookbooks have just been published and what new food trends may come from them.

The test kitchen was filled with wonderful tastes as we explored the gorgeous new book from Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi, entitled “Jerusalem”.  If you are travelling to London, England — be sure to head to one of the Ottolenghi Restaurants.  As well, it is great to follow their tweets (@ottolenghi or @samitamimi) & see what food adventures & tastes they are up to. 

Fattoush Salad | Culinary Concierge | Vancouver BC
Jerusalem – The Beginning of Fattoush Salad

The menu included Na’aama’s Fattoush.

Then we moved on to create the Roasted Cauliflower & Hazelnut Salad (which is sure to be a favourite from now on!), Salmon Steaks in Chraimeh Sauce & even tackled making Falafel — a breeze if you are patient !! Be sure to make the Zhoug to serve with the Falafel — you won’t want to miss out on this wonderful condiment.

Pureed Beets from Jerusalem Cookbook | Culinary Concierge | Vancouver BC
Jerusalem… WOW! Pureed Beets with Yogurt & ZA’Atar


The Pureed Beets with Yogurt & Za’atar was such a rich colour & perfect to serve beside any grilled or braised meat or fish.

Jerusalem – Starting the Bulgur For the Chermoula Eggplant

Wish you could have smelled the aroma from the oven, as the Chermoula Eggplant was roasting. Here is the bulgur waiting to be placed on the eggplant and topped with yogurt.


Yes, this cookbook would be a great gift for someone who wants to explore new tastes …it is sure to be a best seller for the upcoming holiday season. It is also an important historical look at some of the tastes that we will be seeing on menus & in new products.

Jerusalem… A Feast!!!

Hope you have enjoyed a view into a day in my test kitchen.

Taste, Taste, Taste





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