Culinary Crystal Ball

What’s ahead for our tastebuds in 2013?

At Culinary Concierge, I taste, experience & look for food trends around the world.

Taste, Taste, Taste !!!

Chef in the kitchen - food trendsI create & customize Trend Watch Reports for my clients, that provide a detailed look at food trends from 1 – 5 years in the future.

Planning for new product development or new menu items is easier with a view to how the food trends may be affecting specialty ingredients, cooking methods & equipment and cuisines & dishes. I map out the trends that are emerging, developing or exisitng, then lay out a plan to bring a new idea or taste to the grocery shelf or the restaurant table.  My external exposure & tasting of foods around the world work towards fabulous new food products that are on-trend, on-time and taste great !!

Here are a few trends that I will be watching closely throughout 2013.

Love Your Vegetables

Love Your Vegetables - Trend Watch ReportsVegetables are now in the centre of your plate. Have you heard of Meatless Mondays? And what about all the wonderful farmer’s markets that tempt us with displays of seasonal vegetables.

Bartenders Are Becoming Bar Chefs

Look carefully at cocktail menu at your favourite restaurant. You will start to see more artisanal, local & hand-crafted ingredients in the specialty drinks offered. Watch for great tasting shrubs, sodas & mixes.

Gluten Free With Flavour

As I tour & taste my way through many international food shows, the gluten-free offerings are certainly growing. The biggest change I expect to see this year is the introduction of gluten free products that taste great.

Culinary Travel

Consumers are travelling more to taste new food experiences.  Watch my blog for some exciting news about culinary tours where you can come along and taste with me — fabulous destinations like: NYC, San Francisco/Napa, a culinary cruise & market tours through the Mediterranean & also a tasting tour of the markets of Southern France.

Don’t want to miss out on the new tastes?

Want to follow my fork?

Follow the Fork | Christine CouvelierHere are a few foods that will tempt you this year….

  • coconut oil
  • quince
  • kimchi
  • finger limes
  • popcorn — sweet & savoury
  • donuts

I have been asked my a number of publications to give my thoughts on new food trends for 2013 — here are few of the articles that speak of some other trends that are appearing in my Culinary Crystal Ball.

Global News – Tasty gluten-free foods on horizon while vegetables move to centre of plate – December 2012

Calgary Herald – Entree with quince and salad incorporating cauliflower are on trend for 2013 – January 2013

Calgary Herald – Tasty gluten-free foods on horizon for 2013 – January 2013

Huffington Post – Food In Canada 2013: What Can Canadians Expect To Eat In The New Year? – December 2012

As always,
Taste! Taste! Taste!
Christine Couvelier


  1. jan

    I’m interested in your food tours…San Fran for one. I don’t know how to access you through your blog could you give me another way to get more information about these trips you lead. Jan

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