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Christine Couvelier | San Francisco | California Culinary JourneyCalifornia Culinary Journey

Yes, I travel to taste, eat & cook .. To stay ahead of the global food trends .. To bring the ‘best’ back to my clients to enable them to launch on-trend and on-time, great tasting food products or new menu items. … But, sometimes I just want to explore for myself & have a culinary adventure.

This was the case recently, when I headed to eat, meet with chefs in California, re-charge & of course taste, taste, taste my way through Napa Valley & San Francisco.

Hope you enjoy the inspirational photos of the journey in the gallery below.

Many of my clients ask me to guide them on culinary journeys around the globe …. If this ‘taste’ of what there is to experience & explore is something that you would like be to experience or offer to your team — I can put together a customized, culinary journey for you. Be ready for lots of tastings, lots of store & restaurant tours & more— and of course, to return with ideas to kick-start your product development or menu plans for the future.

Taste! Taste! Taste!

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  • dsc02568-eggplant-fries-from-cps

    Eggplant Fries from CP's

  • dsc02569-christine-and-chef-cindy-pawlcyn-at-cps

    Christine and Chef Cindy Pawlcyn at CP's

  • dsc02574-baked-alaska-with-marshmallow-fluff-topping-at-cps

    Baked Alaska with Marshmallow Fluff Toppi9ng at CP's

  • dsc02577-cindy-pawlcyns-wood-grill-wine-bar-st-helena-california

    Cindy Pawlcyn's Wood Grill & Wine Bar, St. Helena California

  • dsc02578-the-french-laundry-gardens

    The French Laundry Gardens, Yountville California

  • dsc02579-the-french-laundry

    The French Laundry

  • dsc02598-the-french-laundry-yountville-california

    The French Laundry

  • dsc02608-culinary-institute-of-america-st-helena-california

    Culinary Institute of America, St. Helena California

  • dsc02614-auberge-du-soleil-rutherford-california

    Auberge du Soleil, Rutherford California

  • dsc02619-lobster-salad-auberge-du-soleil

    Lobster Salad, Auberge du Soleil

  • dsc02620-amazing-view-from-auberge-du-soleil

    Amazing View from Auberge du Soleil

  • dsc02632-dinner-at-the-french-laundry

    Dinner At the French Laundry

  • dsc02641-salad-of-hawaiian-hearts-of-peach-palm-the-french-laundry

    Salad of Hawaiin Hearts of Peach Palm, The French Laundry

  • dsc02646-devils-gulch-ranch-rabbit-the-french-laundry

    Devils Gulch Ranch Rabbit, The French Laundry

  • dsc02659-spectacular-kitchen-the-french-laundry

    Spectacular Kitchen, the French Laundry

  • dsc02663-breakfast-at-bardessono-hotel-yountville-california

    Breakfast at Bardessono Hotel, Yountville California

  • dsc02673-30-cakes-in-30-days-mustards-grill-napa-california

    30 Cakes in 30 Days, Mustards Grill, Napa, California

  • dsc02680-ad-hoc-yountiville-california

    Ad Hoc, Yountville California

  • dsc02682-chilled-corn-soup-like-a-cob-of-corn-in-a-glass-ad-hoc

    Chilled Corn Soup - like a cob of corn in a glass, Ad Hoc

  • dsc02683-peaches-wrapped-in-la-quercia-proscuitto-ad-hoc

    Peaches Wrapped in La Quercia Proscuitto, Ad Hoc

  • dsc02694-christine-and-chef-katie-hagen-whelchel-ad-hoc

    Christine and Chef Katie Hagen-Whelchel, Ad Hoc

  • dsc02719-state-bird-provisions-san-francisco-california

    Statebird Provisions, San Francisco California

  • dsc02728-famous-burger-at-zuni-cafe-san-francisco-california

    Famous Burger at Zuni Cafe, San Francisco California

  • dsc02729-fabulous-fries-zuni-cafe

    Fabulous Fries, Zuni Cafe

  • dsc02740-shaking-beef-the-slanted-door-san-francisco-california

    Shaking Beef, The Slanted Door, San Francisco California

  • dsc02573-red-velvet-cake-at-cps

    Red Velvet Cake at CP's

  • dsc02555-taylors-refresher-_-gotts-roadide-for-a-great-burger

    Taylor's Refresher / Gott's Roadside for a Great Burger, St. Helena California


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