Garden Candy

Garden Candy at Granville Island Market

Garden Candy at Granville Island Market
Vancouver, BC

What food memories do you have of summer ?

Corn, peaches, fresh peas, strawberries; all wonderful, but what about fresh tomatoes?!

Nothing beats the adventure of growing your own tomatoes, picking just the ripe-ready & juicy tomatoe, slicing into it ( while it is still warm from the sunshine ) .. Making a fabulous caprese salad with bocconcini that is oozing with goodness, topping it with fresh basil, a drizzle of glistening olive oil & a grind of fresh pepper & sea salt (I love Vancouver Island Salt Company. Don’t miss out on this taste of Vancouver island at or how about a great BLT sandwich made with freshly toasted sourdough bread.

Tomato Cookbook Inspiration | Culinary Concierge with Christine Couvelier

Tomato Cookbook Inspiration

This summer, I have been using the stone on my BBQ, so cutting the tomatoes in half and grilling them, topped with fresh pesto ( lots of basil in my garden this summer ) has been the side dish to many a meal.

I have been inspired with more tomato creations from a couple of books I just received.

The very clever Barbara-Jo from Books to Cooks in Vancouver, BC ( has started a seasonal book experience where you receive a book at the start of each season. The surprise and delight of this puts a smile on my face. For the summer season the carefully presented package arrived with 2 books, The Tomato Basket by Jenny Linford and Epic Tomatoes by Craig LeHoullier!

As my tomatoes are ripening earlier than ever, I am busy with tomato recipes each day. Try this wonderful idea for tomato butter from the creative blog Shutterbean.

Let me know what tomato recipes you are making from your garden candy this summer.

Taste, Taste, Taste


Happy Holidays 2012

Culinary Concierge | Vancouver BC | Christine Couvelier Happy HolidaysThe past year has been wonderful ~ great tastes and fabulous food memories. Wishing you the best for 2013!

Be sure to check back early in January to follow some of the new food trends I will be tasting as we start our culinary journey for the next year.

Taste, Taste, Taste,


Farmer’s Market Feasts

Farmers Market Food Trending

Crisp Apples from Farmer’s Market

I love heading to farmer’s markets at any time of the year .. But in the fall = wow, such colours, flavours, inspirations & tastes !!

Recently I was asked to appear on Breakfast Television in Vancouver to share some of the tastes of what I found at the farmer’s market & some quick & easy recipes to create at home.

Farmers Market Feasts Vancouver Island

Farmer’s Market Feasts on BT Vancouver

I love to share my culinary tips & tricks, so off I headed to set up my demo table.

Heirloom tomatoes farmers market Vancouver

Heirloom Tomatoes

I made sure to bring along recipes that were quick, easy, make-ahead & tasted great. How does heirloom tomato bread pudding or kale bread pudding sound? These are great make-ahead dishes that are wonderful side dishes to any meal.

The main dish salad that I shared with BT viewers was a fabulous roasted cauliflower, carrot, pine nut & arugula salad.  Host Jody Vance loved the tips on how to take this salad to work for lunch in a mason jar & not have it become wilted. (My tip is to put the dressing in the jar first, then layer in the ingredients .. Shake & serve when you are ready !!)

Christine Couvelier and Jody Vance Breakfast Television

Christine Couvelier and Jody Vance on Breakfast Television Vancouver

Finally, I brought some tastes for the crew to take home… a plum, star anise & lavender jam; a sweet tomato jam with honey & vanilla; and my fav = roasted heirloom tomato butter!!

Carrots Farmers Market  Vancouver Island BC

Fabulous Carrots from Farmer’s Market

Be sure to get out & enjoy all of the harvest this season & bring home inspiration & great tastes from your local farmer’s market.
Taste, Taste, Taste!