Garden Candy

Garden Candy at Granville Island Market

Garden Candy at Granville Island Market
Vancouver, BC

What food memories do you have of summer ?

Corn, peaches, fresh peas, strawberries; all wonderful, but what about fresh tomatoes?!

Nothing beats the adventure of growing your own tomatoes, picking just the ripe-ready & juicy tomatoe, slicing into it ( while it is still warm from the sunshine ) .. Making a fabulous caprese salad with bocconcini that is oozing with goodness, topping it with fresh basil, a drizzle of glistening olive oil & a grind of fresh pepper & sea salt (I love Vancouver Island Salt Company. Don’t miss out on this taste of Vancouver island at or how about a great BLT sandwich made with freshly toasted sourdough bread.

Tomato Cookbook Inspiration | Culinary Concierge with Christine Couvelier

Tomato Cookbook Inspiration

This summer, I have been using the stone on my BBQ, so cutting the tomatoes in half and grilling them, topped with fresh pesto ( lots of basil in my garden this summer ) has been the side dish to many a meal.

I have been inspired with more tomato creations from a couple of books I just received.

The very clever Barbara-Jo from Books to Cooks in Vancouver, BC ( has started a seasonal book experience where you receive a book at the start of each season. The surprise and delight of this puts a smile on my face. For the summer season the carefully presented package arrived with 2 books, The Tomato Basket by Jenny Linford and Epic Tomatoes by Craig LeHoullier!

As my tomatoes are ripening earlier than ever, I am busy with tomato recipes each day. Try this wonderful idea for tomato butter from the creative blog Shutterbean.

Let me know what tomato recipes you are making from your garden candy this summer.

Taste, Taste, Taste


Passion For Food Equals Suzanne Goin

I was so fortunate to be able to attend a great event with fabulous chef, Suzanne Goin.

Suzanne Goin talks with Christine Couvelier about passion for foodShe was in Vancouver, BC for her only Canadian stop on a book tour to promote her new cookbook, “The A.O.C. Cookbook”.

For so long, I have loved her food, her restaurants, her cookbooks, & the way she shares her flavours. Her first cookbook, “Sunday Suppers at Lucques”, is a much loved book in my culinary library. Now, we can all dive into this new book.

A.O.C. Restaurant in Los Angeles is a destination to sit back and feel welcome as you graze through the many small plates and shared style dishes. The A.O.C. Cookbooks translates those tastes into main course recipes we can make at home = perfect! Every mouthful of the dinner was amazing.

Recipes from the AOC Cookbook | Culinary Concierge Review

Endive with Beets, Oranges, Kumquats and Charmoula

Suzanne Going AlbacoreTuna Dish | Culinary Concierge Review

Albacore Tuna, Labacore Tuna, Avocado, Cucumber & Ruby Grapefruit


Pork Cheeks, Polenta, Mustard Cream and Horseradish Gremolata

Pink Lady Apple Crostada | Cookbook Recipe | Suzanne Goin

Pink Lady Apple Crostada, Whipped Mascarpone and Armagnac Prunes


As you read through the stories and recipes in the book, it feels like Suzanne is standing in the kitchen with you. This award-winning chef has once again written a book that is sure to be at the heart of many wonderful dinner parties.

Last night I made her recipe for lamb paillards with risotto carbonara, english peas, and chanterelles. Ahhhhh!

If you are travelling to Los Angeles, be sure to stop by one of Suzanne’s many successful restaurants and treat yourself to a dining experience you will remember for a lifetime.

Taste! Taste! Taste!